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Wedding Mistakes You Want to Avoid: At All Cost!

Wedding Mistakes You Want to Avoid: At All Cost!

Congrats! It's just a few days to your wedding! You're pretty anxious, and I get it! Or are you married already? Wow, your blood must be running wild, your body so tense, and you're worried about making a silly, yet costly, mistake.

That's perfectly understandable. With so many couples, brides and grooms alike making costly mistakes on their wedding day or just a few days after, it's not unusual that you'd want to be abreast of these errors. Knowing them puts you one step ahead to avoid them. 

So, let's go... 

Before wedding

Not considering your guests

On your wedding day, so many people will have to travel to witness your big day and felicitate with you. You want to make sure they're comfortable. Ensure there are enough seats and refreshment to go round. If you have a guesthouse where they'll put up, stock it as best you can. 

Not considering your own wants

Many people are in a rush to check out wedding ideas on Pinterest. But it's advisable first to consider your own needs and budget. What's most important to you? Do you want a family-sized or loud wedding? Such considerations will make your planning so much easier. 

After wedding... 

Losing your wedding ring

Wait, what? Of all things, your wedding or engagement ring is not something you want to lose. But many people do lose theirs out of carelessness. You can be different. 

There are many ways to care for your ring, and one way to prevent it from getting lost is to purchase a Bandit. A Bandit is a silky bracelet with a zip where you can keep your precious little item whenever you want to do laundry, lift weights, and wash your hands at the bar's restroom. Never have to drop your ring on the sink again. 

Not prioritizing intimacy

This is the leading cause of broken homes. You begin to hear things like "we drifted apart." This wedding mistake is usually made unconsciously, especially when you both have to face your jobs, too. 

You're living together in the same home doesn't mean you should become mere buddies. Maintain the intimacy you had while dating, go on dates, watch TV together, and have sex no matter how busy you get. 

Allowing external interference into your home

The moment you got married, your worlds become one. It's great to have strong support from parents and other elderly couples, but be picky about what advice they offer. If you notice these people getting controlling, telling you what to do or how to treat your spouse, run for your life! No one knows your spouse as much as you do. 

You and your spouse need to jointly set boundaries concerning external involvement. You should settle your differences within yourself than taking them out to third parties. 

Fighting for your victory 

All couples fight. But things get dreadful when you're fighting to win instead of to find common ground. Do not argue to prove you're right and your spouse wrong. Chances are, you both have valid points. Remember that once you're married, you become one, so his wrong is yours, and your loss his. So when you fight, try to make it a way for you to understand each other better. Argue to resolve, not to split. 

No wedding is a bed of roses. From preparation to the final day, it's a continuous learning curve, and we hope these tips will help you avoid some of these silly wedding mistakes couples make.

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