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Pick Two, Get 20% Off!

A Stylish, Practical Ring Holder Bracelet

Keep Your Rings Safe and Clean While You're at the Gym, Work or When Traveling. Protect them from being Lost, Stolen or Damaged.

Which Small Valuable Are You Protecting?

Engagement and Wedding Rings
House or Condo Key
Cash or Change

Headphones, Fitness Trackers or invisaWear Safety Charms

Hair Ties, Dog Treats, Any Small Valuable

From the Gym to the Beach

Your Rings Deserve a Safe Spot

"I ordered a Ring Bandit when I got engaged- I was terrified to leave my precious ring anywhere. When I found this tool, I knew it would be a good fit for me because I'm super active. I love it and I just bought two for my Sisters in Law!"


How it Works

When Would You Need a Ring Bandit?

At the Gym

Workout with Peace of Mind. Your rings are safe, clean and close you at all times. Perfect for lifting weights, marathon training, swimming and during any physical activity.

At Work

If you have to take your rings off for work, keep them safe in a Ring Bandit. Nurses / Doctors, Hospital workers, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Chefs, Restaurant Staff, Personal Trainers, Teachers, Coaches, Athletes

When Traveling

Don't take chances with your precious valuables. Perfect for vacations and honeymoons! Your shouldn't have to worry about your rings slipping off your finger while you're at the beach. Keeping them safe and on you is key!