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Don't Leave Your Rings Behind.

A stylish bracelet with a discreet pocket that protects your rings from being lost, stolen or damaged.

Who needs a Ring Bandit?

For the Fit

Working out with your rings on is dangerous for your rings and your finger. Leaving them on a bench, in your car or locker is not a trustworthy solution.

For the Newly Engaged

When you have a brand new ring, you want to do everything to keep it safe, sparkly and on you at all times. Ideal for "sweating for the wedding" to the honeymoon.

For the Outdoors

You shouldn't have to worry about losing something you care about when you're doing something epic.

For at Home

You're busy enough, you shouldn't have to worry about losing your small valuables when you're parenting, taking your dog for a walk, cooking, doing the dishes or gardening.

For at Work

If your job is hands on, there is a good chance your rings are off. Perfect for nurses, doctors, hygienists, military, beauticians, servers, chefs, farming, etc

For Travel

Safety is a must when traveling and sometimes you just feel best when your valuables are hidden away and secure. No one wants to leave them back at the condo.

Keep your Rings Safe, Clean and Close to you at

Work, the Gym and when Traveling.

80% of Women and 40% Men lose their Wedding Ring

The fear of losing your rings is stressful. We get it and created a stylish solution for anyone who needs it.

Easy to Wear

It's stretchy, secure, comfortable and stylish. You would never know this bracelet has a pocket.

Our Accessories are Multi-Functional

Wear them on your wrist, stretch them on your phone or water bottle or use them as a hands-free keychain.

We are a Homegrown Brand.

Every aspect of this brand comes from the heart.

Ring Bandits are Water Friendly & Washable

Each accessory is thoughtfully sewn with quality swimwear materials that are soft, stretchy and comfortable. We designed them for your everyday.

See How it Works

Your small things need a safe place to go.

Here are a few items that fit into the hidden pocket.

A Safe Place for Your Small Valuables

There are times it is just best to take your rings off. When they're not on your finger, you should feel good about where you put them. Our Founder and Designer feels your pain so she designed a stylish solution that fit into her everyday life and consistently gave her peace of mind.

"It's one of those things you need but you never knew you needed it until you try it."

- Sydney, Founder & Designer at Ring Bandits

A Homegrown Brand

I was desperate to find a way to work and never miss a beat with my kids so I began praying really hard for a Shark Tank like idea. Then I heard the problem, "I never know what to do with my rings when I am at the gym" and I experienced this same issue! So I got to work on my design, borrowed my grandma's sewing machine and the very first time I touched a sewing machine, the Ring Bandit Bracelet came out.

The Bandit was created in my basement, and it is the first thing I have ever sewn. I have sewn so many Ring Bandits. When you have a ton of faith and are committed to solving a problem, you’d be surprised at what one can accomplish.