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About us

The Ring Bandit is the ultimate Go-Anywhere accessory solution to keep essential items safe.

Whether you love the outdoors, working out, or are busy on the job, the Ring Bandit can give you peace of mind.

“I never know where to put my rings or key when I’m at the gym, gardening or walking my dog.” With zero experience, grandma’s sewing machine and a whole lot of faith, the Ring Bandit was made. From that moment on, the Ring Bandits mission has been to bring the most stylish, functional accessories with a purpose to you.

“Creating product that can give you one less thing to worry about gives you time to BE YOU. “

- Sydney Frietsch

Our mission

We hope to give you one less thing to worry about. We designed an accessory that can truly go anywhere and do anything. It is comfortable, functional + washable.

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