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Our Story

Hey, I’m Sydney!

With a passion for design & making memories, I designed the Bandit around everyday life & extraordinary adventures. In believing that everyone was crafted with purpose,  I strive to encourage the #beYOU mentality & to do the best you can with your life. Bandits was home-grown from a simple idea and is my creative vision of style & functionality. My goal is to create stylish/functional accessories & apparel not only to better my life, but to better yours too. 

I encourage you to do what you love in life. Whether it is a hobby, career or a simple moment. Make your life unforgettable & do what you love. With Bandits you're not only sporting a go-anywhere, do-anything bracelet, but a functional little reminder that being yourself is truly awesome. The hidden zipper compartment allows you to climb that rock, walk that beach, finish that workout, or paint that vision just as you are. Be the best you can be with a Bandit! 

Seeing Bandits out there in the world is simply awesome. 

Without Bandits, I never would have been able to work with my most favorite "employees" ever. My husband, our kiddos & my friends. Hearing your stories & seeing you do your thing with your Bandit has been life changing. Tag me @ringbandits in all your photos you guys. :)  Thank you for every ounce of support.