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Bride-to-Be Bundle

Bride-to-Be Bundle

Finding a gift for the Bride to Be can be hard. You want your gift to be affordable, thoughtful and something that truly means something to them. Gifting Ring Bandits to the Bride to Be not only protects their precious ring, but it provides the peace of mind that every Bride deserves. Too many times we have heard horror ring stories; how it was lost, stolen or even damaged (the ring and the finger). We will never understand why anyone would risk losing their ring on their honeymoon, so spare them the heartbreak and get them our Bride Bundle! 

Ring Bandits are stylish, functional and multi-purposeful. Wear them on your wrists, in your hair or wrap it around your phone or water bottle. They are water friendly and washable. The pocket is secure and being able to feel your ring still on you is everything! Ring Bandits are designed for everyday wear, from work to the gym to the beach. 

Our accessories are perfect for all kinds of activities including; working outs, hiking, swimming, riding horses or even getting your nails done! They are great for on the job; nurses and doctors, fitness instructors, chefs or bakers, hair dressers, animal trainers, construction workers or anyone in the military. They hold onto all your little things that you can't afford to lose; rings or other jewelry, a house key, daily medications, safety buttons/devices or special all kinds of special trinkets. 

Check out the perfect Bundle for every Bride! Add these to your cart and Get 20% Off! 

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