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BANDITS add a pop of color to your outfits, provide style + functionality to your day to day adventures. With so many designs to choose from, there’s a BANDIT for every outfit + we’ve come up with Six Ways to style yours this summer!

Date Night

Whether you’re on a blind date or a casual movie night with your spouse, a BANDIT is the perfect piece of arm candy. Use it to hide some cash, extra bobby pins, and you never know when you (or your date) might need a stick of gum or a breath mint ;) 


A BANDIT is the best accessory when you can’t accessorize, making it ideal for workouts! Go on a run, sling some weights, practice yoga + know that your engagement ring, earrings, or medication is secure. 

  • BANDIT Hack: Store your silicone rings in your BANDIT, that way it’s an easy switch when you get to the gym! 

Sunday Brunch

The BANDIT is the perfect way to add texture + pattern to an outfit for Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. Save yourself the trouble of carrying around your purse or wallet by stashing your cash + house key in your BANDIT! 


If your lifestyle or job allows you to travel the world, the BANDIT is a must have for your adventures. Never forget to take your medication by keeping it safe inside the zipper pocket. Don’t worry about missing a deadline for work or losing a chance to upload some cool photos of your trip when your zip drive or memory card is easily accessible on your wrist!  

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Running Errands

Who said you can’t look cute while running errands? The BANDIT is a stylish + functional piece for holding your cash or house key when you’re running around town doing all the things.

Holiday Celebrations

The BANDIT is an easy way to compliment your holiday style! Add a bit of flair while keeping your cash, key, or jewelry safe while you’re grilling out, marching in a parade, or taking a swim!

What is your favorite way to style the BANDIT? Show us on social media using the hashtag #sharemyBANDIT

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