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Self-Care for the Self-Employed: It’s Not Optional

Self-Care for the Self-Employed: It’s Not Optional

Article by: Elena Stewart

As a busy entrepreneur, you may think you don’t have the time (or energy) to take care of yourself. But, if you want to run your business more efficiently and effectively, you can’t let self- care sit at the bottom of your priorities list. Today on B A N D I T S, we offer a few tips on how to fit self-care into your busy schedule so that you are ready to tackle issues as many small businesses struggle to keep up with changing times.

1.Hire a personal assistant.

A personal assistant can help by taking many tedious tasks off of your plate. explains that a personal assistant might run errands, handle phone support, return emails, plan work trips, or even help with household management. This is a small investment that can free up time and reduce stress on you.

2. Wake up 15 minutes early.

A little bit of self-care first thing in the morning goes a long way. Plan to rise a bit early to give yourself an opportunity to begin your day without having to hustle to get kids ready. Have a cup of coffee, sit on the deck and listen to the birds, or simply watch the sunrise. These small actions can have a big impact on your mood.

3. Go swimming.

If you have access to a pool, don’t let this valuable commodity go unused. Women’s Health Magazine touts the many benefits of swimming, including mental health improvement, increased fitness, and higher-quality sleep. Make sure to use your B A N D I T S to keep your small jewelry safe and sound while you are in the water.

4. Visit a therapist online.

We all feel stressed out sometimes. Unfortunately, for entrepreneurs, stress is part of the unofficial “benefits” package, and it’s often difficult to schedule an afternoon off to visit with your therapist. PlushCare offers online options for treatment, and you can even use your insurance or pay an affordable out-of-pocket fee per visit.

5. Pack your lunch every morning.

Sandwiches and chips get boring, and the drive-through should not be a daily option. Practice self-care by fueling your body with the right nutrition. One simple way to ensure you get a healthy meal at midday is to pack lunch, which might consist of a broccoli salad, turkey and hummus wrap, or a chicken teriyaki bowl.

6. Change your work schedule.

In case you’ve forgotten, you’re the boss. This means that you can make small changes to the way your business operates so that you can take better care of yourself and better care of your customers. Consider altering your work hours so that you can get important tasks done when you're most productive. Online magazine Financial Management says you can track when you are most productive by keeping a journal and paying close attention to times when you’re not active.

7. Don’t micromanage.

Micromanaging is not only detrimental to your employees’ mental health, but it can also keep you down and out, too. When you spend your entire day watching everybody else’s computer screens, you take away their autonomy, which can create a less-than-harmonious work environment. This will have a snowball effect on you, and you will likely feel run down and drained at the end of each workday. Instead, give your employees some space, and trust that you’ve hired the right people for each job.

As a busy business owner, you don’t have the time to let yourself go downhill. Remember, when you take care of yourself, you’ll be better able to take care of your customers, your employees, and your family. Just a few simple steps, like packing lunch and visiting a therapist online when you need it, will go a long way toward helping you keep yourself in your best shape. Take care of your little valuables while you take care of yourself with our exclusive line of Bandits and Bunchies. 

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