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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday season is quickly approaching, which means you’re probably making lists + scanning store fronts trying to pick out the best gifts for your family + friends. Finding the perfect gift is never easy, so we wanted to help you out. Whether you’re shopping for mom, a teacher, your best friend, a soon to be bride - our ultimate holiday gift guide is here to give you some fun ideas that they’re sure to love! 

For Mom

Moms can be the hardest to shop for, but also the most fun! Busy schedules - running kids to school, practice, piano lessons + trying to make time for herself, it’s no mystery that she deserves the most thoughtful gift. We love these little items that mean so much. 

Tell mom how much you really care with this sweet book full of quotes and pages to write in your own thoughts. Mom will love this gift straight from the heart! 

Sometimes mom just needs to throw her hair up + get stuff done. A Bunchie is the perfect accessory for running errands, doing house work, or simply sprucing up an outfit. She can store her little valuables like rings, keys, headphones, or medication inside to keep them safe! 

Who doesn’t love a delicious-smelling candle?! Get obsessed with Capri Blue. These soy blended candles come in a variety of scents and the prettiest styles! Such an easy way to add flair + fragrance to the home!

Winter sure takes a toll on our skin! Save your mama’s hands by gifting her with some luxurious hand cream or body lotion in her favorite scent to carry in her purse during these cold months! 

Forget the mess with a cute drink coaster for the car! These ceramic coasters are absorbent + fit perfectly in the drink console. Mom will love this for her mid-day coffee runs!

Mom’s already got her hands full, help her go hands-free with a silicone key ring! Fitting comfortably right over the wrist, it’s great for the gym, school functions, or running errands!

Some other fun + affordable gift ideas that we love for mom: 

  • Gift Card for coffee, a spa, a restaurant, or clothing Store
  • Chocolate
  • Wine 
  • Book 
  • Bath Bomb
  • Cozy Scarf 
  • To Do Lists + Pens
  • Moxie Shorts 

For the Fitness Lover

Everyone has that one friend deemed the fitness queen. She hits the gym first thing in the morning, eats healthy + always has the cutest workout clothes. Motivation may not come easily for the rest of us, but luckily, finding gifts for these inspiring friends is pretty easy indeed! 

  • Resistance Bands

From home, to the park, to the hotel for a work trip, you can never go wrong with gifting a set of resistance bands to a fitness fanatic. They’re affordable, compact, + you can easily throw together a full-body workout with a single band! 

  • Weights

Maybe your fit friend is working on setting up their home gym. A set of dumbbells or a kettlebell is a great way to help them get started! 

Pump the iron, pump up the jams! What fun is a workout without some good music? A fitness lover needs a compact bluetooth speaker so they can get their sweat on anytime, anywhere! 

How many times have you heard about someone losing or damaging their rings at the gym? Let me tell ya, we’ve heard it more times than we’d like to admit! When you gift a Bandit, you gift peace of mind knowing that those little valuables are tucked away safe while working out! 

A new gym bag is always a great gift idea, but what about a gym bag that has a detachable piece that can be used as a crossbody or a fanny-pack?! Did we mention it also has a shoe compartment? We are obsessed with Go Dash Dot - stylish, functional bags for the active woman! 

Some other must-have gifts for the fit + active:

  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • New Sports Bra or Pair of Leggings
  • Water Bottle
  • Apple Watch Bands
  • Jump Rope
  • Yoga Mat

For the Nurse

We all know a special nurse who is so passionate about the work she does + helping others. Nurses save so many lives each day, so what better way to show them our appreciation than with a sweet little gift that they can use on the job? 

A Bandit is the ultimate gift for a busy nurse. Keep special items like an engagement ring or a necklace safe from getting lost or damaged at work by securing them in the wrist pocket. Don’t wear a ring to work? The Bandit is an easily-accessible place to store some extra cash for those mid-shift vending machine runs.

A must-have that will get a lot of use! A fun-colored stethoscope will pop with any pair of scrubs!

Speaking of scrubs, you can never have too many! Gift the nurse in your life an extra pair and help them save on laundry time!

A badge reel is a simple + cute way to accessorize as a nurse! 

Gotta stay hydrated during those long 12-hour shifts! Grab your favorite nurse a fun water bottle to keep them going throughout those long days (or nights!) 

  • Pens

Who isn’t always looking for a pen? Your nurse friend will thank you for their new favorite one to keep up with all that charting! 

Some other job-friendly gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with for nurses: 

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Socks
  • Chapstick or Lip Gloss
  • Lunch Tote


For the Teacher

Let’s not forget about the rockstar teachers that spend hours upon hours shaping the minds of our littles + pushing them to their greatest potential. They’re kind of a big deal + deserve something extra special this holiday season!

Making sure your ID is on you at all times can be a struggle. Sure, you could stick it in your pocket but it could easily get lost. This fun ID lanyard is a cute way to display your ID, keeping it secure + making sure you have access to all the doors when you need it! 

  • Pencil Holder + Pencils

A teacher can never have too many pencils! Why not give her a special place to store them like this adorable “Teacher Life” pencil holder?

  • Notebook

Lesson plans, assignments, new ideas, to do lists - can you imagine how much paper a teacher must go through every year? Help her stock up with a cute notebook matching her personal style that she can tote around everywhere she goes.

Let’s be real - teachers have the absolute most adorable style. Add a Bunchie to their wardrobe that they can easily accessorize any outfit with! Our scrunchie with the hidden velcro pocket is a great + safe place for teachers to store wedding rings (hello, messy science labs), keys, or an extra stick of gum! 

  • A Sweet Card

What better way to show your teacher how much you really appreciate her than with a thoughtful little card? 

Some other teacher appreciation gift ideas that we love: 

  • Pens
  • Cute Binder Clips 
  • Lunch Box
  • Tote Bag
  • Planner
  • Personalized Name Plate or Stapler
  • Felt Board
  • Travel Mug
  • Coffee Gift Card

For the Student

College... becoming an adult, discovering who you really are + the brokest 4 years of your life. College students are (or should be) the easiest to gift on your list this year! Think back to when you were in college, what’s one thing you looked forward to every month? A care package from mom, of course! Here are some affordable gift ideas that your college student is sure to love! 

Classes, tests, study sessions, football games, + club meetings - how do they keep it all straight?! A planner is a great gift for the busy student to pencil in all of their school work + extracurriculars. 

  • Pencils/Pens

Speaking of pencils… where do they all go? Stock your student up with plenty of pencils and fun pens this holiday season so they’re able to keep taking plenty of notes second semester! 

  • Cosmetic Bag

A cute bag to hold all of your makeup? Yes, please! When you have to get ready in a community dorm bathroom, a compact cosmetic bag is a lifesaver. With so many fun patterns + textures, you’re sure to find one that your student will love. 

The 90s scrunchies are back in style + college girls love them! Gift one for your student to safely secure her apartment key on her wrist or in her hair. No more worrying about roommates locking you out!

  • Coffee Mug

All those late nights studying for finals call for multiple cups of coffee at 11pm. You can never go wrong gifting a cute mug to a college student! 

A few more practical + easy gifts for college students that we adore:

  • Pop Socket or Phone Case
  • Water Bottle
  • Drink Koozie
  • Grocery Gift Card
  • Gloves, Scarf, or Fuzzy Socks


For the Bride

It seems as if wedding season is always upon us! Every time you log into Facebook, someone else you know is engaged, am I right? Brides are so fun to buy for, the options are truly endless! Here’s some of our favorite gift ideas for the soon-to-be Mrs!

What better way to spend date night as husband + wife than trying out a different recipe in your new home?! Grab a glass of wine, turn on some music, + get to cookin’ a spectacular dinner for two! 

On her wedding day, the bride is sure to shed some tears. Keep her makeup close by for last minute touch ups in a cosmetic bag that matches the color scheme of the wedding. What a great gift that can easily be reused for the honeymoon!

  • Sparkly Pens

So many details, so many ideas. Make sure she doesn’t forget to write them all down by gifting her a sparkly pen that mimics the bling on her finger!

Speaking of bling, she’s gotta keep that rock shining! Bling wipes are an easy + practical gift to keep her ring looking flawless in between cleanings!

First stop: wedding, next stop: honeymoon! Whether the Mr. + Mrs. are jetting off to Europe or sailing away to an island paradise, making sure their passports + IDs are secure is super important! Gift them both a passport case + an ID holder for easy access in the airport.

Now, we wouldn’t want to risk losing those pretty wedding rings on the honeymoon (or anywhere else for that matter!) Grab the bride a Bandit to keep her ring (+ her hubby’s too!) safe on her wrist at all times! Did you know that Bandits can get wet? They’re made of scuba + swimsuit materials - making them the perfect honeymoon accessory! 

For Your Best Friend

Your best friend is the person who knows you better than you know yourself. You tell her all your secrets, she’s seen you at your worst + she always knows how to bring you back to your best. Show her how much you care + appreciate her friendship with some fun little gifts this holiday season! 

Best friends usually have a lot in common, so why not make her laugh with a funny mug that reminds her why you’re best friends in the first place!

  • Notebook

Does your best friend love to write, journal, or doodle? Gifting a cute notebook is a sweet gesture to encourage your friend’s creativity + personal development.

A simple but functional gift - give your friend a place to put all of her keys while the two of you are setting off on your daily adventures. She will love the freedom of not having to carry an extra bag to hold her keys! 

What girl doesn’t love a cute scrunchie - especially one with a hidden velcro pocket?! Your friend will make a statement with the Bunchie, all while being able to store her jewelry, car key, or other small valuables inside the pocket! 

It’s “technically” a cosmetic bag, but can honestly be used for so much more! Use this pretty color blocked pouch to store pens, hair supplies, medications, toiletries… the options are endless + is there such a thing as having TOO many bags?! 

  • Chapstick

Winter is here + chapped lips are never a good look. Not to mention, the average girl loses her chapstick at least 5 times a day. You better get her an extra one, just in case. 

A few more fun gift ideas for your bestie:

  • Gift Card to Her Favorite Restaurant or Store
  • Bottle of Wine, a New Movie, and a Bag of Popcorn
  • Nailpolish
  • Face Masks or a Skin Care Set
  • Candle
  • Scarf

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