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Caring for your ring: Dos and Don'ts

Caring for your ring: Dos and Don'ts

If you have very expensive jewelry such as a diamond ring, you want to do all that's humanly possible to keep it safe and sparkling. It's even more important to you when it's an engagement or wedding ring. 

To save you the pain of losing your priced treasure, here are some things to take note of. 


Get a Bandit

If you have a ring, then why not have somewhere you can always keep it safe when on the go? 

A Bandit is an accessory you can wear on your wrist, with a zip to contain all your little valuables while you do the things you love doing. 

A Bandit is just the perfect place for your ring when you work out, wash, or swim. And the good thing is you can always wear it on your wrist like a cute bracelet.


Never drop your ring when outside

You'll often have situations where you're tempted to pull off your ring, such as when you want to wash your hands at a restaurant's restroom, swim at the pool, or lift weights at the gym. The chances that you’ll forget to pick it up are far too great. Leaving it near a sink is also risky as it may slip into the drain. 

To keep your ring safe in such situations, always take your Bandit with you so you always have a safe place for your treasured item. 


Don't touch the center stone

Diamonds and other precious stones easily trap dust and oils. If you notice it has become hazy, chances are there's oil or dirt clouding it. So take hold ring by its bands and not the center stone.


Get it professionally cleaned 

An expensive engagement ring is something you want to keep spanking clean always. You could clean it using hot water, a toothbrush, and gin, or take it to a jeweler for a professional steam cleaning

If you have a 14K white gold ring and discover it's getting worn out after some time, take it to an expert, and they'll get it looking brand new again in no time. 


Prevent your ring from contacting chemicals

Bleach, detergent, and other cleansers are known to be harmful to porous gemstones. They leave the stone looking cloudy, faded, and dull. So it's a great idea to keep your ring in your room before washing. It's also advisable to get a ring Bandit so that you always have somewhere to keep your precious gem. 


Do take off your ring during hands-on activities 

Diamond is the hardest material on earth, but that doesn't mean it can't chip. So when doing dumbbells or cleaning the home, be sure to take it off and keep it safe. Knocking it against other hard objects would be pointless and even ironic for something you care so much about. 


Have several ring dishes in your home

At home, you'll need to take off your ring on several occasions, such as in the bathroom, kitchen, and at bedtime. So get ring dishes and place one each at these spots. Instead of placing your ring insecurely on the sink, it will have somewhere safer to go into. 

Your ring is not only valuable for its monetary price; it's a symbol of a bond. So whether you're married, recently engaged, or just have a passion for these little jewels, follow the tips above to keep your ring standing the test of time. 

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