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By Kelley Ann Gibson, Author of Sincerely, K Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

"Boy do I have a fun brand to share with you today! Ever hear of the brand Bandits? No? Well, if you’re engaged or married or have a special ring you wear all the time, listen up!

Have you ever been out and about with your ring on and wished you had a safe spot to put it? Maybe you went straight to the gym from work and plan to lift weights. Maybe you did a last minute run to the grocery store and carrying the bags back is causing your ring to dig into your fingers. Or what about cooking and not wanting to worry about all those gross raw chicken juices covering your engagement ring? I know exactly how you feel!

After I got engaged I wanted to wear my ring all the time. But there were certain activities that required me to remove my ring, like washing the dishes. Of course, any time I had to take my ring off I would get paranoid about forgetting it and losing it. Half the time I would put it directly on my phone because I knew it was unlikely for me to lose it if it was on the one object I use all day every day. But then I was scrolling Instagram one day I came across Bandits, the brand that was the answer to all my ring problems." -Kelley Gibson 

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What is a Bandit?

Different Types of Bandits

How Kelley Uses Her Bandit 

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