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Apple Watch BANDIT Hacks

Apple Watch BANDIT Hacks

Style, Freedom and Peace of Mind just like your favorite Bandit, but with even more functionality. When Apple meets Bandits, you get all the accessibility, right there on your wrist. 

The Apple Watch Bandit was designed to fit your lifestyle, whatever that may be. Check out these helpful hacks to style and care for your Apple Watch Bandit so you can be bold and be YOU.

#1 How do I connect the Apple Watch Bandit to my watch?

Slowly slide one side of the band into your watch, making sure the BANDITS logo is facing down. When you hear and feel a click, your band is secure. Repeat on the other side. 

#2 I’m having trouble getting my item into the pocket. 

Always place your special items into the pocket BEFORE putting it on your wrist. Tuck it in, zip it up, and make sure to pull the fibers over the zipper for extra protection. Now, your Apple Watch Bandit is ready to slip on with your valuable safe and sound.

#3 How do I put my Apple Watch Bandit on my wrist?


The Apple Watch Bandit will not have as much stretch as the Original Bandit due to the watch face. For easy wear, stretch the Apple Watch Bandit onto your wrist upside down with the hidden pocket going over the knuckles and watch face pointing downward. Once on your wrist, twist it into place with watch face pointing up. With frequent wear, the Apple Watch Bandit will loosen up to fit just like your favorite hair tie. 

#4 Can I wash my Apple Watch Bandit?

Of course! All Bandits accessories are made of swimsuit and scuba materials, making them 100% water-friendly.

Remove your Apple Watch Bandit from your watch face and wash by hand or machine! If you’re using a machine, we recommend placing your band into a garment bag to avoid catching on velcro or zippers. Toss it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle with like colors on cold and then place in the dryer for a maximum of 10 minutes. Remove and let air dry. Squeaky clean!

#5 How do I disconnect my Apple Watch Bandit from my watch?

Take your watch off your wrist and hold down the oval “band release” button directly above or below the watch sensor. While holding the button down, slide the band connector out of the watch. Repeat on the other side. 

#6 We want to see you sporting your Apple Watch Bandit! 

Use #ringbandits and we might just share your photo on our site and social media pages!

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