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10 Things Most People Don't Know About Cartilage Earrings

10 Things Most People Don't Know About Cartilage Earrings

As you know, Bandits is all about the little things. We want to help you out in all sorts of ways. Aylen approached us with interest in writing about carriage earrings piercings, we chose to post because this article could help you if you're thinking about getting a cartilage piercing. Read on to learn more! 

Written by: Aylen Smith

Cartilage earrings are quite a vogue. But, most women are apprehensive regarding cartilage piercing and other styles. Most cartilage earrings are designed in a way that they can be worn with helix piercing styles. 

There are different styles available in cartilage earrings like - diamond, beaded, and pave. They are all designed according to the options available. The best part is; they are available in customized styles. If you compare it with normal piercing styles, then cartilage styles are bolder. 

As it is above and below the normal piercing area, it can take some time to heal. 

10 Things Most People Don't Know About Cartilage Earrings:-  

  1. Hoop style

Are you aware that cartilage earrings are available in hoop styles? Hoop-style earrings are available in both plain design and patterned styles. If you want, you can also choose a customized option in a plain design. It looks good in any pattern.

  1. Studs or posts 

Studs are the most preferred choice for cartilage earrings. Most women who wish to get cartilage piercing choose studs as their first choice. Posts in all metal or without metal are also a preferred option for most women. It also depends on the piercing type. 

  1. Captive beads 

Captive beads style looks bold, and you need that boldness to carry it off. But, it is also the most unique style in cartilage earrings. Again, it's a popular hoop style that has a single bead in the middle. It provides great comfort and does not hurt your ears. 

  1. Cuffs 

Do you know about the cuff styles that are available in cartilage earrings? These styles work great for a helix piercing. The cuff part of the earrings normally cuffs around the ears providing the best fitting. 

  1. Circular barbells

Circular barbells are a type of half-metal hoop. They normally pass through your ears with a beaded end stick. It passes both sides of the ear making it look ultra fashionable. This style is mostly chosen by women to flaunt their earrings in style. 

  1. No crunch needle 

If you think that cartilage piercing is painful then this is not true. In most cases, you won't experience any kind of pain. Most piercers use a sharp needle, you won't feel any crunch or pain from the needle. 

  1. Healing is different 

Not many women are aware of the fact that healing time is different for cartilage piercing. Ear lobes have a good amount of blood flow, so it heals quickly for some women. While for some, the process may take longer depending on the skin reaction. For sensitive skin, the healing time is more. 

  1. The initial jewelry

Once you wear a cartilage earring after your piercing, don't remove it. If the healing process is long, then it may react with your skin. If possible, don't change your earrings unless you feel they are completely healed. At times, this may take about six months as well. 

  1. Keep it clean 

It is important to keep your ears clean with simple soap and water after you wear a cartilage earring.

  1. Sleeping trouble 

After a cartilage piercing, your sleep may be disturbed but only for a while. 

In short, If you wish to get a cartilage piercing, then you should consider the above facts. Any change is a good change, so try a style you love. 

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