Who are Ring Bandits for?

Anyone who needs them.

  • For the Engaged or Married

    For the Engaged or Married

    Keep your rings safe + close to you at all times. From work, to the gym, to the beach. Ring Bandits make great Bride + Groom To-be gifts and are perfect for Honeymoons!

  • For the Adventurous

    For the Adventurous

    Wear it on a hike, run, during a climb or at home in the garden. Bandits are washable + water friendly.

  • For the Career Driven

    For the Career Driven

    Nurses, doctors, the military, chefs, fitness instructors and construction workers. If your career is hands on, Bandits just might help you.

  • For the Fit

    For the Fit

    The gym is a place where rings are misplaced and fingers get damaged. Ring Bandits are water (sweat) friendly and washable. Lightweight and comfortable kind of like a hair tie.

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What fits into the pocket?






Why Ring Bandits?

  • It's the Accessory for the Times you Can't Accessorize

    It's the Accessory for the Times you Can't Accessorize

    Where Style meets Function .

  • It's a Safe Place for your Rings

    It's a Safe Place for your Rings

    If you’re engaged or married, the Bandit is so helpful. It gives you peace of mind.

  • Multifunctional + Helpful

    Multifunctional + Helpful

    They're a need you never knew you needed. There are so many ways to utilize the Bandit + so many little valuables that fit into it's pocket.

  • We're a Homegrown Brand

    We're a Homegrown Brand

    It's the truth. When you shop small, you're supporting a dream. Every ounce of support makes a difference to us.

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