What Size Should I Get?

To find your size, measure the circumference of your wrist. Bandits are meant to fit tight at first, but after a few wears it will adjust to your fitting. Bandits have a similar fit to a hair tie on your wrist. The smalls are like a brand new hair tie, mediums are you go- to "favorite" hair tie fit and our larges feel more like a relaxed hair tie. 

All Bandits are composed of a 4-way stretch spandex material so they will adjust to fit your wrist. They are a multi-purpose, durable, stylish + functional accessory. 

Bandits can be worn in the water or be washed. 

** We recommend putting your valuable into the pocket before placing it on your wrist. For more BANDIT HACKS visit our Blog.


What Fits into the Pocket?

Wedding Rings. Special Jewelry. House Key. Money. Dog Treats. Safety Charms. Daily Medications. Bobby pins. Fitbits. Extra Hair ties. AirPods. Name/Address Tag.

All the Little Things you cannot afford to lose.

  • Jewelry

  • Money

  • House Key

  • Your Little Things