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The Heavy Duty Bandit - Navy


Don't risk losing your priceless valuables.

Discreet pocket that keeps your items secure and on you at all times.

Water friendly and washable for everyday use.

Hand crafted, quality, 1 inch elastic stretch material for comfort and durability.


A wristband or sweatband with a hidden zipper pocket. Keep your rings or a house key safe and clean while you do what you do. 

Wear it on your wrist, ankle or forearm. Stretch it around your phone or water bottle. 

4 out of 10 men are expected to lose their ring. Protect yours from being Lost, Stolen or Damaged during the times you feel its best to take it off your finger. 

    •  At the Gym: You shouldn't wear your rings at the Gym. Leaving it in your car, gym bag or locker is unsettling.

    Perfect for: athletes, crossFit, marathon training, weightlifting, yoga, palates, dance, swimming, climbing, baseball, softball, volleyball, football, rugby, soccer, etc

    • At Work: Maybe your work suggests you not wear jewelry for safety or sanitary reasons.

    Perfect for: doctors, nurses, beauticians, chefs, construction workers, teachers, farmers, personal trainers, technicians, servers, etc

    • At Home: Everyday tasks can unfortunately damage your rings or get them lost.

    Perfect for: doing the dishes, putting on lotion, gardening, mowing, getting nails done, cooking, home renovations 

    • Outdoors: You should be able to enjoy your favorite hobbies without worrying where you last put your ring. 

    Perfect for: biking, hiking, swimming, camping, boating, at the beach, horseback riding, walking, dirt biking, climbing

    • For Travel: Sometimes you just feel safest when your jewelry is hidden and in a safe place. When you're at the beach in stead of leaving it in a random spot in the condo, you can keep it on you and secure at all times. 

    Perfect for: honeymoons, vacations, work trips, international travel, camping, road tripping, at airports

    • For Gifting: Ring Bandits are both thoughtful and affordable gifts

    Perfect for: Newly engaged Bride and Groom, wedding parties, nurses, doctors, people who love to workout, teachers, travelers, parents, children, college students, elderly 

        • Quality, 4-way Stretch, Smooth Spandex Material for comfort and security
        • Water Friendly and Washable for everyday durability
        • Multifunctional: Wear on your wrist, wrap with around your phone or water bottle, use as hands free keychain with purchase of our Key Ring add-on.
        • Thoughtfully Designed & Patented

        The Heavy Duty Wristband is composed of elastic material. Wear it on your wrist, your ankle or stretch it around your phone or water bottle. Place your item into the pocket before stretching it over your wrist. 

        It may fit tight at first, but expect some adjusting after a few wears. The Heavy Duty has a much more relaxed fit vs the Original Bracelet. It fits more like a sweatband.

        For more size and fit info visit these links, Finding your Fit, Bandit Hacks 

        S 7 Inches
        M 8 Inches
        L 9+ Inches
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        The Heavy Duty Bandit - Navy



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        Finding Your Fit

        The Heavy Duty wristbands run a size large than our Original Bracelets.

        They can be worn as a sweatband, on your ankle or stretched around your phone or water bottle.

        ** We recommend putting your valuable into the pocket before placing it on your wrist. For more BANDIT HACKS visit our Blog.

        For the Fit

        Working out with your rings on is dangerous for your rings and your finger. Leaving them on a bench, in your car or locker is not a trustworthy solution.

        For the Newly Engaged

        When you have a brand new ring, you want to do everything to keep it safe, sparkly and on you at all times. Ideal for "sweating for the wedding" to the honeymoon.

        For the Outdoors

        Worry less, Enjoy more. You shouldn't have to worry about losing something you care about when you're doing something epic.

        For at Home

        You're busy enough, you shouldn't have to worry about losing your small valuables when you're parenting, cooking, doing the dishes or gardening.

        For Work

        If your job is hands on, there is a good chance your rings are off. Perfect for nurses, doctors, hygienists, military, beauticians, servers, chefs, farming, etc

        For Travel

        Safety is a must when traveling and sometimes you just feel best when your valuables are hidden away and secure. No one wants to leave them back at the condo.

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