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The Original Bandit

A stretch bracelet with a secure hidden zipper pocket.

The Apple Watch Bandit

An Apple Watch Band with a secure hidden zipper pocket.

The Bunchie

A Bandit-Scrunchie with a hidden velcro pocket.


Engaged + Married

Keep your rings safe + close to you at all times. From work, to the gym, to the beach.

For the Adventurous

Wear at the gym, on a run, during a climb or at home in the garden. Bandits are washable + water friendly.

For the Career Driven

Nurses, doctors, the military, chefs, fitness instructors and construction workers. If your career is hands on, Bandits is here for you.

What People are Saying


Bandits Bring Style

Bandits are the accessory to wear when you cannot typically accessorize.

A Must Have for Your Rings

If you’re engaged, the Bandit is a must have.

A Need, you never knew you Needed.

There are so many ways to utilize the Bandit + so many little valuables that fit into it's pocket.