How cool would it be if we all as individuals, businesses, gyms, and churches joined together to serve those who are serving us? SHOP SMALL + SERVE not only supports us as a small business as we work from our homes, but gives light to those who are busier than ever trying to save lives, protect our communities, feed us and keep us going. 

All of our friends + family who work in the medical field, grocery stores, are in the military and are with other essential businesses are going through a lot these days. One way you can show them just how thankful you are is to SHOP SMALL + SERVE. Here is how it works. 

1. Choose a Bandit from HERE, enter THEIR shipping address at checkout. 

2. We GIFT WRAP + SEND it for you. If you would like to add a note, please email us (, include your Order #).

3. You make Someone's Day! 

BANDITS give you one less thing to worry about. And having a safe place for rings, a key or medication that can stay close to you at all times is just what some people need. 

Be the best you can be, #beYOU.