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Girl Gone Mom  

Keep Summer Fun with these new finds!

By Heather 

"Summah, my favorite time of year. Although it is lots of fun, it can also be a challenging time of year when it comes to keeping your life hassle-free. So anytime I discover something that helps make my life easier and/or more fun, I like to share. And boy have I found a lot of somethings lately. Read on for all of the details."  

2019 Summer Fin & Essentials Guide 

By Leanette

"Keeping the kids busy during the summer is no easy task! So, check out these fun products you can use to keep your kiddos entertained during their summer vacation!"

A Day in Motherhood  

6 Dog Days of Summer Must Haves  

By Lori

"It is H O T with a capital OH MY GOSH IT’S HOT OUTSIDE! I live in Texas so that hot that melts your skin is slated to last at least another 2 months. But, the temps will lower eventually and I love having products in my home that I can use for all of the seasons of the year! These 6 Dog Days of Summer Must Haves that will make any get together better. Check out some of the amazing products below!"


Gifts For Wine Country Travel 

By Jill Barth 

"I tried something totally new to me, and I also asked my daughter to give it it whirl. It’s called a Bandit ($25), and it looks like like a combo of a bracelet and a hair tie. It goes around your wrist (or water bottle, cell phone, whatever) and hides a little zipper where valuables tuck away. It’s a small space, so don’t plan on putting anything huge in there, but it is ideal for cash or your boarding pass (folded up). It’s great for hand-free ease that keep something important at one’s fingertips. Choose from many cool colors, plus it can get wet. There is also a scrunchie version called Bunchie, but I haven’t tried it out yet. Buy here with code SHIP35 to get free shipping in the U.S. on orders over $35."


Ladies, speed up your morning routine with these lifestyle products.