This is the Bandit.

Let us Introduce you to the Bandit; a Stylish, Functional accessory with a hidden zipper pocket. 

Bandits provide peace of mind, style, functionality and allows those little items that you can't afford to lose, stay close to you at all times. 

Bandits can be worn as a wrist accessory, wrapped around a water bottle or phone. 

When it comes down to it, you do not want to go through something that causes any stress, struggle or inconvenience. Losing an item like a wedding ring is sickening. [According to a survey taken by RINGSAFE, 4/10 Men will lose their wedding rings, and with Women that number doubles.] Damaging special jewelry is dangerous & costly. Calling a locksmith due to lost keys is a pain. And losing your medication can be life threatening. Why go through all of that when you could get a Bandit? 

The Bandit is STYLISH. It gives you an accessory when you can't accessorize. The wrap around design disguises the hidden pocket, so no one even knows it is there & the pocket is secure with a zipper so your little item will not fall out, be stolen or lost.

The Bandit is FUNCTIONAL. Bandits can be worn in a variety of situations. They are super lightweight & once on, you really forget that it is even there. They are durable & can be worn in the water, during workouts, on the job or whenever you need them. Bandits are washable & made for daily use. 

Bandits are great for workouts, sports or activities  No more leaving your item in the locker, setting it somewhere you might not remember or end up never wearing it. They are great  on the job, as a nurse or in the medical field, as a beautician, in the Military, as you cook, bake or serve, or when you do any type of job that requires you to take off jewelry, hold onto a key or when you need your medication close at all times. Bandits are also great for honeymoons, traveling or any adventure.