Tell Everyone You Know!


I cannot express how thankful I am for each & every individual who supports the Bandits brand. I promise you, with every order that comes in, or every person who decides to follow us, my heart fills up a little more each time. You are amazing & I am truly thankful you like what I've been able to create. I'm blown away by your support, your messages & your loyalty. Thank you, again and again. I will never stop being thankful. 

So, my friends, I need your help. If you love your Bandit, please share your experience with everyone you know. I need your help spreading the word of Bandits! 

Take a sec & think of 3 people who you think would need a Bandit....

It's as easy as a post, a conversation, a shoutout or a share. Here are some ideas for you; 

- Post a photo of you & your Bandit working out, at the job, or doing your favorite hobby. 

-Post a photo of what you put into the Bandit, what is it used for?

-Post a photo of where you take your Bandit; to work, to the gym, on vacation or on any adventure.

(We love reposting your Photos) :) 

-Talk about it; at the gym, with your friends, to the newly engaged or married, to individuals who have active lifestyles, play sports or enjoy the outdoors. 

-Send a quick text to let them know you thought of them when you saw Bandits, thought it was something that could come in use or help them.  

-Tag your friend's name to one of our photos or in our comments. 

As we grow, our goal is to make more products that help you. We appreciate each and every one of you! Now go tell all your friends!! :) 


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