Finding Your Fit

What size Bandit works for you? Hopefully this blog post will answer all your questions about Bandit sizing, if not you can & should email me at any time. I would love to help find a fit that works & I would be thrilled to chat!

To find your size, all you have to do is measure the circumference of your wrist (around your wrist bone). Bandits come in 2 different sizes: small/medium and medium/large. Small/medium measures at an approximate 6 inch circumference, with stretch. The medium/large measures at an approximate 7 inches and above, with stretch. If you are debating whether or not to get the s/m or the m/l go with the m/l. The m/l feels more relaxed on most wrist, whereas the s/m hugs on a little tighter. The s/m classifies as a petite size, whereas the m/l is a regular size that fits most.

Bandits are composed of a 4-way stretch spandex material so they will adjust to fit your wrist. All Bandits are tight passing the hand then once on the wrist they are form fitting and feel just as snug as a HairTie does, secure but super comfortable. With the material we use, you are able to wash (delicate cycle) & air dry the Bandit. Go to the beach, pool, snowboard, or really do any activity that includes water. Think of them as a swimsuit, super freeing & versatile. 

For The Heavy Duty style Bandit, the s/m Heavy Duty is the size of the regular Bandit's m/l.  The m/l Heavy Duty is a more relaxed fit for most, and may have the ability to fit further up on your arm or around your ankle. 


If you have tried our sizing & none of them are for you, please let me know & there is a possibility that I can work something out. Like I said, I would love to speak with you, please email me  

What fits into the Bandit's hidden zipper pocket? Our we measure the vertical stretch with placing six quarters into the pocket & the horizontal stretch with a house key. The pocket is smaller because it is meant to keep your little valuables safe, so this includes; wedding bands, house or condo key, money, the Fitbit Flex, medications, notes, name tags, dog treats, other jewelry or really anything little that needs a safe place. Keep in mind, Bandits are super stylish too- it is the accessory for the times you cannot accessorize! Plus, Bandits are inspiring with the #beYOU written inside of the pocket. 

Charms/beads, why to get one? We offer a slight customization with the option of adding a symbolic/reminder charm or bead to your Bandit. Each reminder charm symbolizes something different. Our current options are;  the make a difference bead, the keep at it & never give up bead & the last bead reminds us that we are stronger than we were before, stronger than ever! 

Thank you all!  

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